About Us

For over 8 years, patients in the Atlanta metro area have chosen St James Medical Center for their health care needs. We provide care for patients 14 years old and over. St James Medical center is located in Mableton, Cobb County Georgia.
We provide wellness and preventive health care as well as caring for patients with acute and chronic illnesses. The focus of our practice centers on preventive care, urgent care, minor trauma, Physical therapy for personal injury cases, complete physical exam, Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol management to name but a few.

Sobre nosotros

Por 8 anos, pacientes en el area de Atlanta an escojido St. James Medical Center para sus neccsidads Medicas. Nosotros Provermos attention medica para patientes 18 anas y major. Estamos localizados en Mableton, Cobb county Georgia
Bien venidos a Bernard Orewa MD PC @ St James Medical Center